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Technology advances faster than information. Today, fairs and conventions in any given area have pedagogical workshops for training and disseminating news. This is what happened during the 7th version of Tecnotelevision & Radio in early November.


The name takes us to any corner of our geography, where thousands of bodies have been thrown to the river currents. The running waters take away their name, origin, history and almost all of them end up on the shore of impunity.


The FuXion multinational holds its annual Alumbra convention, an event that brings together the most outstanding executives and entrepreneurs of this company focused on health and well-being through multilevel marketing. During this event, attendees are trained by their leaders and important speakers with wide knowledge about leadership.

The event, held in Lima (Peru) in 2015, is aimed at an audience from the Spanish-speaking countries where the company is present. Although several conferences are given in Spanish, FuXion had special guests on this occasion: writers and coaches Randy Gage and John Maxwell...