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Tecnotelevision is an academic and commercial event, organized by TV y Video magazine, offering its participants the latest information about content distribution, new technologies, innovations in the production and post production processes in the audio visual industry.

In this edition, Tecnotelevision will have new elements, such as a showroom dedicated to Community TV, a contest for university level students of audio visual media, and with the participation of ATmedios, a company with wide experience in services such as accessibility for movies and television, as well as an exhibitor in its commercial floor.  It will also offer specialized conferences about production, post production and digital television operations.

Coface (French Insurance Company for Foreign Trade), a French company specialized in risk and suppliers grading at international level, has certified ATmedios as a suitable provider to establish long term commercial relationships for the third consecutive year, with a grade of 98/100 points.

Coface offers these kind of solutions to multinational companies in Colombia, such as Telmex Colombia S.A. (Claro).

This certification motivates us to continue offering our services with quality, commitment and efficiency. It also help us accomplish the fulfillment of our corporate vision.

During the 29th edition of the Bogota Film Festival, the film "El Gallo de Oro"  from Roberto Gavaldon will be presented. This screening will include audio description, service produced and sponsored by ATmedios.