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Since 2012, the "Movies for Everyone" project has been making cinema in Colombia accessible to people with visual or hearing disabilities through audio description, Colombian sign language and subtitles for deaf people. This initiative of the ICT Ministry has the support of Fundacion Saldarriaga Concha and Cine Colombia and relies on ATmedios' experience in providing accessibility systems and technical support in each movie screening. Films are projected on the last Saturday of each month at Cine Colombia theaters in various cities around the country. A new cycle with accessibility systems for people with visual and auditory disabilities starts on Saturday, February 27.


Set de noticias, en frente gráficos con el promedio de votación

For many years, RCN TV channel had been using successfully a graphics system for its news show. However, in 2015 it was evident that the system was obsolete and lacked proper support. The channel began to look for alternatives to replace this system. At the NAB fair, which is held annually in Las Vegas, the channel could see firsthand the graphic solutions offered by Vizrt.

Because of the versatility, functionality and state-of-the-art technology offered by Vizrt's solutions, in 2005 the channel decided to request a demo system.



En el escenario invitados al evento América Accesible

"Accessible America" took place in Medellin, city of the eternal spring, where there was rain during the three days of the event. This was the second regional meeting of the UN's International Telecommunications Union.

These meetings are generally attended by governmental agencies in charge of creating and implementing public policies regarding accessibility to information and communication technologies. Therefore, it was amazing to see that almost 50% of the attendees were people with disabilities. This reflects their commitment to guarantee that their rights are respected and that their access to all society sectors is implemented with the necessary tools, according to each one's capacities.