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The little witch and her raven, Abraxas, are sitting together on a wood bench in the middle of the forest. She is holding a paper umbrella.

Next screening

The last movie for the “Cine Para Todos” project arrives next Saturday, December 1st at 9:30 a. m. with the movie “The little witch”. The film will be projected with audio description services, Colombian sign language interpretation and special subtitles for the deaf.

Remember we now count on the “cine para todos” app for all of the accessibility services: download the app directly from any portable device and gain access to subtitles, sign language and audio description for this movie and many others that you’ll find in one of the 8 different categories shown in the app.

The little witch has a huge problem: she is only 127 years old, which makes her a little too young to dance in the witch night celebration. Ignoring the rules, she decides to go to the ball, but when she gets caught, as a punishment, she has to learn all the 7892 spells from the great book of magic in only one year. However, hard work and discipline are not her strong suit, and the evil witch Rumpumpel will try to do everything she can to stop the little witch from reach her goal. With this challenge in mind, our main character will put to test all the magic world and will fight until she becomes the best witch ever.

Directed by Michael Schaerer, this German movie was nominated for the Best Children’s Film award in the German Film Awards. This comedy, based on the homonymous book by Otfried Preussler, arrived to our movie theatres early this year and made hundreds of families laugh throughout the movie.

Colombia, FilmAffinity y SensaCine.

About the project


Since 2012, Cine Para Todos has sought to make cinema in Colombia accessible for people with visual or/and hearing impair trough audio description, Colombian sign language and special subtitles for the deaf. This initiative from the TIC Ministry , with the support of Cine Colombia, has counted on ATmedios for the design and implementation of accessibility systems, and technical support for each screening.

We want to offer disabled people, an alternative in entertainment on the big screen. People who come to these special screenings (last Saturday of every month), have free access to the movie projection in over 10 Cine Colombia screens spread across 10 cities around the country:




Gran Estación - Sala 1 (Av. Calle 26 N° 62-47)

Multiplex de las Américas - Sala 3 (Carrera 71D Nº 04-40 sur)


Centro Comercial Molinos - Sala 4 (Calle 30A N°82 A-26)


Cosmocentro - Sala 6 (Calle 5 N° 50-103)


Cacique Centro Comercial - Sala 4 (Transversal 93 N° 34-99)


Centro Comercial Buenavista - Sala 3 (Calle 98 Cra. 52 - 115)


Centro Comercial La Estación - Sala 1 (Av. Ambalá, Calle 60 # 12 - 224)


Centro Comercial Portal Victoria - Sala 1 (Carrera 11 bis # 17-20)


Centro Comercial Paseo de la Castellana - Sala 1 (Av. Pedro de Heredia, Calle 30 N° 30-31)


Centro Comercial Viva Villavicencio - Sala 6 (Calle 7 N° 45 – 185)


Centro Comercial Terra Plaza- Sala 1 (Calle 9 No. 74N - 40)

In order to enjoy the screenings more comfortably, users have to be aware of the following recommendations:

- Space is limited and subject to the screen capacity.

- Seats will be assigned upon arrival.

- Disabled people will have priority on accommodation; they can be joined by one person in each screening.

- We ask everyone who is joining us to be very punctual: people will have access to the screen from 9:30 a.m.

- You will have to present an ID in order to receive the headphones and get to listen the audio description for the movie.

- Ask for the special combo of boxed juice or soft drink + small popcorn (46oz), for only $2.300.

We invite everyone who has an IPhone, a cellphone with Android technology or any other portable device, to download the “cine para todos” app, so you can have access to all the services. To download it, follow the instructions you’ll find here


ATmedios Team.

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