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The FuXion multinational holds its annual Alumbra convention, an event that brings together the most outstanding executives and entrepreneurs of this company focused on health and well-being through multilevel marketing. During this event, attendees are trained by their leaders and important speakers with wide knowledge about leadership.

The event, held in Lima (Peru) in 2015, is aimed at an audience from the Spanish-speaking countries where the company is present. Although several conferences are given in Spanish, FuXion had special guests on this occasion: writers and coaches Randy Gage and John Maxwell, whose lectures are in English. For this reason, the event required simultaneous interpretation into Spanish.

Alumbra 2015 was set up at Lima's Explanada de Costa Verde. It was adapted to receive about 10,000 spectators. The event's producers had to find a provider of simultaneous translation receivers for the expected number of attendees.

After making the request to several local suppliers, FuXion found that it was very difficult to find this amount of receivers in Peru, so it looked for other options for simultaneous interpretation for the entire audience.

Our challenge:

FuXion's production team contacted ATmedios after learning about our live subtitling service in previous events with around 1,000 attendees. These events took place in Costa Rica and Panama for the American entrepreneur and motivational speaker Robert Kiyosaki.

This time the challenge was even greater: Spanish subtitles were to reach each of the 10,000 attendees.

FuXion would have screens around the venue, which would display permanently real-time scenes of what was happening on stage. The projected subtitles could only cover 30% of the screen..

Our strategy:

Four members of our team in Colombia traveled to Peru to provide this service. Through our voice recognition and computerized stenotype techniques, the audio produced by a professional interpreter who translated Randy Gage and John Maxwell's conferences was turned into text. These texts were broadcast in real time on screens set up by FuXion.

Thanks to our audio and video equipment and the collaboration of the event's technical staff, we integrated the subtitle box into the screens, in order to ensure that all attendees could read the texts from any location. Also, we wanted to make sure that subtitle playing time was appropriate for the average reading rate.

Our experience as pioneers of closed caption in Colombia and the use of technology allowed us to meet this important event's requirements. 


  • FuXion chose this alternative, which didn't require moving too much receiving equipment to that country and optimized cost per attendee.

  • Subtitles broadcast at the venue increases audience concentration and therefore retention of the subject covered.

  • Thanks to this form of simultaneous translation, no logistic staff was needed at the event's entrance or exit for the delivery or collection of receivers.

  • This type of services gave the FuXion company new ideas to integrate simultaneous interpretation via streaming into their events.

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